Thanks to EmpireAvenue, I now blog.

by jloh

I write. I do. Quite prolifically actually, and I post on twitter & facebook all day long too, as my friends & tweethearts can attest.

But I’ve kept most of my “longer-than-140-characters” writing in my journals – I write about things that inspire me, takes me to faraway places, lifts me up, makes me smile, moves me to tears, and that which reminds me of the exquisite frailty of the human life, but the infallible strength of the human spirit.

I’d just never gotten around to starting a blog. I registered a couple, years ago – but only until now, driven by the compulsion to deliver the best if I am to participate in the online investing game; to finally start this blog (Tip: You create higher dividend yields for your shareholders).
So the title of my first blog is not a pun, it is absolutely 100% true. Because of, the world’s only Social Media Exchange site, I got around to doing this – and inspired enough to be typing out this first post. So my shareholders can earn higher dividends by investing in me.
Hidden Lesson #1: e(JLOH) = good, hardworking investment.
Not just propaganda.
I’m an Advocate you see. In the dictionary app on my MacBook, an advocate is “someone who is defined as a person who publicly supports or recommends a particular cause or policy.”
That’s me. Hi. 🙂
My name is Jamie, I keep my philosophies simple. Complicated is not my thing. I either advocate something or am indifferent to it. I feel that life is too short to live lukewarm or on the fence. There’s some kind of impotency existing like that. Passion is my engine, joy is my code, and beauty my drug. And I love all passionate, joyful & beautiful objects – animate & inanimate.
So this blog will be a collection of all things like that, and a reflection of how I live – simple, raw, and, passionately advocating only that which I believe in, and that which I adore.
Whether it is controversial or pays or not doesn’t bother me – I adore, I believe, therefore I advocate.
I love my friends and my family. I love people and the things that they get up to, especially the why they get up to it in the first place. I am an eternal nomad and nothing rocks my boat more than getting on the road & exploring the many corners of the earth. I find this world a fascinating place and there is nowhere else I would rather be.
From Agel to MLM to iPhones to Whatsapp & TalkBox to Gandhi to my favorite Prosperity/ MLM Rock Star Randy Gage to pretty boy Zac Efron to war history or my Looney Tunes family; my interests are diverse and sometimes bizarre.
And now I have somewhere to publicly record & share it., my life was simple before I met you. So go buy some of my shares below, hook me up on Facebook or Twitter, sign-up for blog posts from me, drop me some suggestions on how to make all my follow buttons shiny and nice; check out the amazing people I advocate via their blog links on the right –>> ; and tell me what YOU are an advocate for. I’d love to hear from you.
Finally, thanks for joining me for the ride. I hereby solemnly promise to ensure that it never gets boring here.
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