A Tribute To Persephone

by jloh

A poem i wrote a long time ago, I must have been 18 or something. At that point in time I was obsessed studying Greek mythology. Hence, this was inspired by the age-old Greek love story between Persephone & Hades. This is the mythological explanation on why there are 4 seasons in the world.


once upon a time, the old hag muttered;
when the earth was new, and the skies were fresh with misty dew
when the gods & goddesses walked amongst men,
and the people knew not cold nor hunger
or snowcapped hills
the world knew only the season spring
for flowers bloomed all year round
and food and wheat sprouted from the ground
hunger and poverty? there was no such thing,
till Hades he caused a mother’s wrath
when he stole a lovely maiden in his path
the maiden he made his dark land’s queen
the mother she pined and would not be seen
hence for three months in twelve the earth shall weep
while persephone in hell she sleeps
and when she returns to her mother’s arms
the earth rejoiced for the return of demeter’s charms
for now all is well again on the land
flowers & fruit & wheat for man
spring is here when she returns,
and as the time passes into summer
the feast is slowed by a mere glimmer
and when the autumn winds blow in
the land it cries for Hade’s selfish sin
for persephone must now return
to once again sit where fires burn
and winter will now blister the earth
till persephone returns to her mother’s hearth.