I remember…

by jloh

The touch of your breathe on my skin,
The taste of your scent on my tongue;
Heat-filled nights, being held in your arms,
My cheek on your chest, your kiss in my hair;
Falling into the carefree abandon of contented sleep,
Legs entangled, fingers entwined,
Meeting…in the dreams of the innocent,
Waking to the dappling of the sunlight,
Dancing across your curling eyelashes,
Resting on your cheek, stopping;
At the corner of your smile…
Will we again encounter this bliss,
Or forever, file it into the fibers of our being,
Just a memory coded, for an eternity of replays
But never again recreated, having become too precious
To expose, to the shifting nuances of tomorrow.


What I write when I am melancholy & nostalgic.