Long forgotten passions :)

by jloh

Been away for a bit, busy the whole month with a new relationship, a major event and life in general. Anyway, took up a challenge to get back on stage to perform for this major event – if you didn’t know I grew up as a performance artist, dance & song basically, from 4 years old to 18 years old and then shoved my passions on the back-burner because “life got in the way.”

Forgot how much I enjoyed performing until this impromptu session last weekend at a talent show during my company’s convention. Was completely unprepared, but I enjoyed myself thoroughly anyhow. One thing I did notice was that I have lost all self-consciousness – something that used to hold me back when I was younger and doing a routine/ act that was unfamiliar.

There’s a message there for me. I’m glad that I’ve grown, and ironically it was a reversal to the time when I was a young child – where ego-based self-consciousness was completely not present in my being; and when I did my best work as an artist…because I was just enjoying the groove of indulging in the artform.

I’ve found that to be true in all activities I take on now, from my communication with others, to my work, and especially as a student of life. It is impossible to learn & do my best in anything when my energy is all wrapped up about how I am coming across/ being perceived by others.

Letting go & going loco – being purely uninhibited and trusting with others, is such a joyful and liberating experience; EVERYONE needs to be ok in their own skin – and the most ironic thing is when you’re completely ok with you, everyone else is too – there is no other way.

So BE, live, love, dance & sing! It’s a beautiful world, and you’re an integral part of all that beauty.

Do tell me what brings YOU joy, thank you for shining!!!!


PS: I went back to ballet class on a whim today – after 14 years of being away, amazed I still have the technique & didn’t die halfway through. Ballet is one of the most unforgiving dance disciplines – I so missed it! AND I started recording some song covers & loading them onto my youtube channel. Latest one is called “Lullaby Of Birdland” here

Hope you enjoy it! 🙂