Mortal Love

by jloh

Cleaning out my house today & clearing a whole load of clutter. Found some stuff I wrote long ago and came across this poem. It was actually published in a coffee table poetry book back in 2002 by an American publisher. Must have wrote this when I was heartbroken 😉

Enjoy. xoxo


Mortal Love

A time of doubt ~ a mind of fears,
Confused and caught ~ compelled to tears,
Decisions a flood ~ conclusions rare;
A streak of blood ~ the devil’s dare.

Seek your heart, and seek the truth,
Fulfill the part, a true love would,
For Cupid’s aim is straight to mark;
A mortal maimed hath a weakened heart.

Once it’s given, forever it’s gone,
Love is then craven, not to be mourned,
Seek the angel and free the wings;
At the end of the tunnel, your soul may sing.

Rare it be to strike the nerve,
You caused it for me;
This mortal’s love.

Copyright © 2002 Jamie Loh