The Art Of Flirting

by jloh

So, I was at a couple of singles party in the last few months, accompanying a girlfriend who’s scouting the local scene for any potential hot, rich, intelligent, compassionate, humanitarian male bachelor – who will make a great husband and dad, with a fabulously understanding mom that’s not big on scrutinizing all the shortcomings of her future daughter-in-law.

Result: He don’t exist. At least maybe not in KL.

Ok maybe we haven’t looked long & hard enough.

But seriously. That singles scene. I don’t get it.

Hang on. Let me get some personal facts straight first.

#1: I am happily single
#2: I am not looking
#3: I am uninterested in the marriage & kids finale
#4: I don’t buy into the biological clock story, and…
#5: I don’t feel any moral/ filial obligation to provide grandkids (my parents have now pinned their hopes on my 3 younger siblings.)

I’m 32, going on 23. And most of my girlfriends are around the same age, except that most of them are only growing older in their minds. A majority of them are comfortably nestled at home, in between babies, hubbies, pets, domestication and careers (I salute); and the few that are not are generally in 2 camps – camp 1 is where i am (see above 5 points) and camp 2 is the ones where they are needing, yes, needing to get into the majority. And no, I am not being offensive. Just factual.

And although I would never understand them, as they probably would never understand me; I kinda get it…in a mental way, that desire to make a home with a mate. Before their eggs run out.

So. Back to the point of this post & story. Why am I writing this at all?

Well, because being at those singles’ parties have been a bizarre experience for me. Why? Well, since I’m there as a companion, I refuse to turn into a competitor (to the other chicks), so the majority of my time there is spent watching the proceedings. And you know what I noticed? No one there seems to know how to actually flirt effectively.

Yup. I said it now. If I am shot dead tomorrow you’ll know why.

People think that attraction and finding the love of your life is like an act of destiny, that fireworks will happen the moment you lay eyes on the *one*, and hence with a minimal amount of mutual conversational exchange, you just have to do the scene enough and one momentous day, at one fated moment, you will bump into the *one*, exchange some shy glances, fumble up with each other on the dance floor dancing to some slow number, meet the parents – get married and live happily ever after.

Sorry. That’s only in the movies. And that formula of it being a numbers game, that’s only for business.

When it comes to romance, attraction, chemistry and physical heat – it all starts in the mind. Literally.

And nothing is more attractive & sexy than a witty mind, wrapped in a well-turned out body – delivering comments with the same measure of poise and lighthearted jest; in passing conversations that you wish would last just a little bit longer.

You’re at a singles party guys. Mingle, converse, connect, smile, laugh, flirt! And when I say flirt, I don’t mean bat your eyelashes, dress like a tramp, or do a lap dance on the guy. And lads, I seriously don’t mean dropping cheesy pick-up lines, being overly touchy, or telling the girls how amazingly capable you are, in all capacities.

I mean, be intelligent, be present, be attentive, be real, be fun, be YOU! Smile & shine baby! And do everyone a favor – don’t curse, get drunk, smoke, shout, play incessantly with your iPhone/ BB, or get on the bar top.

Flirting is not some complex art that needs to be demystified. It’s just an act of showing someone you like them more than friends in a fun way, and maybe might want to get to know them more. And masterful flirting is doing all that without looking like you’re flirting at all.

It’s just attractive because you’re finding someone else attractive and showing him/ her in a genuine, natural way.

So, have conversations like you would just like any other, except that you do have to show that you’re attracted to the person you are talking to. Listen, ask questions about them, look into their eyes, lean forward. Geddit? And if you want to see that person again, just ask for the digits.

Drop all the cheesy pick-up lines about the stars in her eyes, and the heavens missing an angel etc (I’ll probably do another post later on the ones I’ve gotten) – and just ask for it. “Hey, i really like you, can I see you again?” Try it, it’s not gonna kill you. I haven’t seen anyone really doing that at all the singles’ party I’ve been to.

So in a nutshell – be gracious and subtle, and if you really like someone you met – get to the point. How else are you going to move this thing forward if you want to eventually get married?

Or if all else fails, just engage a professional dating agency. Or Facebook. My sis met her fiancee there, and I haven’t seen any couple happier. 🙂

But if you’re gonna be doing the singles’ party scene….please, read this post before you go. It might help.

Some final pointers on stuff I noticed that drove me nuts: Ladies – shave your legs and underarms, and wear the g-string, not the granma panties. Guys – match your socks, clean your nails, don’t do a deodorant overkill or fiddle with your crotch.

How do I know all this? I read a lot. Meow. 😉