Be The Phoenix

by jloh

I was at a fabulous workshop last night by Milestone Trainings – one that deals with relationships and our roles in creating the results we create whilst in one. This event was particularly focused on romantic relationships, but the message is universal for all relationships we enter into.

Who is running your life & relationships? Your beliefs or you?

Then people would ask, aren’t my beliefs mine? Don’t they therefore, belong to me and thus, it’s all me?

Yes they are all yours, but they are not you.

You are not so limited, that you’re only your beliefs. Because if that was true, life would be dull and there would be no possibility of miracles happening. In the awareness of whether you are your beliefs and whether those beliefs are serving you – therein lies new possibility, new choices, new beliefs, new results. Therein lies hope, beauty, & magnificence.

At the end of the entire session someone asked me – if someone’s life was already working, why would they need to work on themselves anymore?

Here’s the truth about nature – if you’re not growing, you’re dying. Nature never remains constant, nor still. It is always in a flux of change: birth, transformation, growth, death, repeat. And human beings are a part of nature, so we are the same – physically, mentally, emotionally, spiritually – if we’re not constantly striving to grow, we are literally dying on all levels.

Like the mythic Phoenix, we die and become reborn again from our own ashes; more magnificent than before. There is NO END. Unless we so choose to spend all our energy holding ourselves still in a fluxing universe. Remaining “safe”. Remaining mediocre. Breathing, but never fully alive. Existing, but never fully present.

Why would anyone want to live that way?

Well, I get it – because it is scary to be vulnerable. But all great men & women in the history of humankind have to endure the trials of personal transformation.

Think of Gandhi – his story is inspiring because he was a shy, stuttering, unsure young man with no purpose in life, who then became the Mahatma that had more influence and true personal power than any living person in his time. He was the Phoenix that chose to die, be reborn, grow, transform & die again – many times over in his lifetime.

Think of Nelson Mandela – his story inspires because he was a rowdy, aggressive, stubborn activist that was jailed and released, jailed and released many a time; before he became the man who united a hatred-filled racist country under one flag, one heart. He too, chose to be the Phoenix.

There are so many more great beacons of inspiration from the history of mankind – and there is one constant you will notice if you should choose to study all their life stories. NONE became who they became without enduring the trials and tribulations of their personal fires, to confront their self-limiting beliefs, to keep or discard, to form new ones, and to constantly be on that path – because they understand, that they are UNLIMITED in their capacity for growth and personal transformation.

So, no matter what people say to you while you are on this path – do not let it deter you from achieving your fullest life purpose. And there’s only one way towards achieving that – you must be willing to be the Phoenix, and accept with gratitude, that the process never ends. For that, is the true gift of being alive.


PS: We all need guidance, so learn and hang with those on the path. Check out the blog of a true Phoenix-Jedi Master Randy Gage. And if you’re in Malaysia, enroll in this amazing, life-changing program called Advanced Living Series. But only if you choose to be the Phoenix. xoxo