Risky Is The New Safe ~ Poetic Rock Opera!

by jloh

So I just finished Randy Gage’s latest book “Risky Is The New Safe”, if you can call it a book. It felt more like a composition of an artist – a compilation of inspirations brought forth by the melding and fluctuations of the rhythms, pitches and harmonies making up the world as we live it today. Experienced through his being. Flowed out through his fingers. Uncensored. Raw. And disturbing.

Dramatic? I may be. But this piece of work, I didn’t read it – I flowed with it.

It took me longer than usual to finish it. I read fast usually. But this was something I had to savor – it was like a trail of surprisingly delightful ideas, thoughts and gems, sprinkled through the pages; some funny, some from out of space, some grounded, but all – thought-provoking. So Gage, don’t ask me again why I took so long to finish your masterpiece. I eat my chocolates the same way.

Now, if there is anything at all that I learned about Randy Gage in my few short years of having the honor of calling him my mentor, beloved friend and favoritest rocksta in the world; is that there is nothing very normal about him. And now I am convinced that all along, he is actually a psychic Jedi from another galaxy posing as a bald multimillionaire (and with this book, I can wager a prediction myself – soon-to-be billionaire).

So….after finishing this piece, I’m really not sure how to categorize this book. And I’m really not sure I should try. Like its author, it’s not really categorizable (yes, I made that word up like I did the one above too. Chillax.) You see, it’s not really about business, yet it is. It’s not really about magic, yet it is. It’s not really about leadership, yet it is. It’s not really about how to’s, yet it is. It’s beyond conventional labels as we know it.

If I had to find a way to label it, I’d call it a manifesto – an exciting, thought-provoking compilation of warnings, predictions, and wisdom. A call for us to awaken to the reality of a brave new world that is already upon us, urging us to embrace it so that we may prosper. Spirituality, science fiction, economics, philosophy and more – all made relevant to help you claim your divine potential to create unlimited wealth in a world on a speeding roller-coaster of inevitable change.

It’s a book about exciting possibilities – YOUR exciting possibilities.

All I know is that something like this needed to be captured on paper; and only a soul as open, objective,  and authentic as Randy Gage could have written it the way it needed to be written.

So, to heed it or otherwise, that will remain your prerogative.

But read it you must. Who knows what it will bring forth from you?

So click on this link, scroll to the bottom & pre-order your copy of “Risky Is The New Safe” now:


Lastly, thanks rocksta – this piece is truly a poetic rock opera. I don’t know how else to describe it!