Happy Birthday Daddy

by jloh


I remember when I was 1
You were like my sun
Framing up my babyish scrawls
Proudly displaying them on your walls

I remember when I was 4
You said I should never feel small
I could be anything I want
A ballerina, an athlete, a star

And then I was 13
You vetted every boyfriend-to-be
And tried to teach me about sex
With great books that made simple the complex

It was tough being 18
You were afraid to set me free
To a world that was rough and mean
I rebelled to see what I could be

And while I struggled through my 20’s
Lost and confused by myself
I know now you struggled with your worries
Praying that I’d be safe somehow

Today I am in my 30’s
And I’d finally come to see
That you have always been my guiding star
And only because of your love & faith – could I have come this far.

Happy Birthday Dad,
You’re 61 today
For 35 years you’ve been my hero
And it’ll always be that way.

I love you Daddy. XOXO