Are You Outsourcing Your Beliefs?

by jloh

Islam – derived from the Arabic root word ‘Salema’ means: peace, purity, submission and obedience.

I love this pro-peace ad and am sharing it in honour of not just those who are observing the Holy month of Ramadan, but in honour of our entire world. Watch it and look beyond the surface, and you would see that there is no divide between us, this is not just an Islam advert, but an universal message of love, peace, compassion and understanding. It is a beautiful message that our troubled world needs to reflect on right now.

So much of our world live in lazy ignorance, fear of that which is different, and prejudiced judgments formed on the basis of propagated twisted philosophies and hear say. The perfect set-up for governments, extremists and general fear-mongers to control and destroy us.

What if we each decided to take full responsibility for what we choose to believe and propagate? What if we stop outsourcing our belief systems, thinking and mental programming to the media, religious reps, governments, or anyone for that matter; and stop letting someone else’s agenda play out mindlessly through the actions in our own lives, just because we need someone else to blame just in case everything falls apart?

What if we would just be brave and chose to take personal responsibility to actually ALWAYS seek to practice respect, intelligent discernment and compassionate responses towards that we do not yet know and may not (or may never) understand?

Can we not stop the fear mongering machine in a single moment? I believe we can.

So I am sharing this. Because I am on the quest towards promoting ideals, values and ideas that holds us together – and reject everything that strives to divide us or projects us in a manner that is unworthy of who we truly are. We are divinity in a human body. Each and everyone of us.

May we all acknowledge, honour and value the truth and beauty in the beliefs of others that are different from ours.

Blessed Ramadan month to my dear Moslem brethren, may the truth and beauty of your beliefs triumph over the lies that have been plaguing it for so long.